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Sustainable Non-Conventional Farming, Inspired By Nature

The idea behind Schooner Farms was to take our little 20 acre corner of the world and expand our use of it by raising chemical free pick your own raspberries and blackberries in 2009. We already had a natural pond and lake management company, Inspired By Nature, established at the site. The focus of Inspired By Nature is to encourage pond owners to care for the water resources naturally and by using little if no chemistry at all. This notion of land stewardship and conservation was really the incentive of trudging forward into the berries. honey and now a CSA.

In 2010 we also began a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) garden. The response has been tremendous. We have had the opporunity to meet so many wonderful and like minded people. Naturally, we picked a rough year weather wise to begin but it ought to make the future garden season seem less difficult! In 2010 Schooner Farms CSA grew food for 60 families. In 2012 we had expanded our memebrship to 80. Our goal to keep the "Community" in our CSA program means that we do not wish to be like a subscription produce farm. We want to keep the "Community" in our CSA. We want you to know the farmer growing your food, we want you to feel like you are a part of our farm and to do that we chose to limit our membership to 30 in 2013. Along with our produce we also have 10 beehives that we harvest raw honey from for sale. Our three ponds are managed naturally and a full of healthy fish. The ponds provide the irrigation to our fields.

Our goal is to be able to offer classes on a variety of topics, such as: beekeeping, canning, organic gardening, nature crafts, land ethics and much more. We both enjoy learning and sharing with others - that connection to like minded people is something we cherish. 

If you are in Weston, Oh please stop in! We'd love to show you around the farm!


Schooner Farms & Inspired By Nature from above


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Merry Merry!

Posted by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner :: Friday, December 19 :: 10:08am

It has been a while since I have made the time to write. We have been BUSY! Once the season wrapped up, Schooner and Becky have been busy with putting up the new pole barn and doing some reconstruction on the existing building. We hope that by March or April the classrooms, farm shop and office will all be done. We will keep you posted! Check out the FB page for photos on the construction. 

This fall Becky has done a good number of workshops and presentations all over our region. Apron History, Medieval Dye Gardens, Herbs, Cooking, Fermenting are just a few of the topics she has been sharing. Plus, we sell a good number of homemade jams, soaps, herbal items and such at several holiday gift sales - we are happy to report that we sold out of just about everything! 

The Garden Staff is almost done with the serpent mound! Only 25' yet to go. Mike and the fellas have done a tremendous job and we are so proud of them! We have been very blessed with a great crew. 

We would like to thank all of you that have been involved with Schooner Farms this past year - we are incredibly grateful. Having so many wonderful people surrounding the farm and putting their energy into what we do is an amazing feeling. Thank you - we couldn't do what we do without you. 

May your Holiday Season be Merry and Bright - 




The Staff of Schooner Farms


Party Weekend

Posted by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner :: Monday, October 20 :: 8:38am


What a wonderful day we had this past Saturday with our friends from Bowling Green Montessori School. The group had their annual Fall Harvest Party despite the gloomy weather. The students kept warm with running around the farm, playing games, hayrides and lots of yummy hot soups, cocoa and mulled cider. The grownups kept warm with the bonfire. Music from Tóraigh an Sonas and Tim Concannon graced the grounds. The weather didn't dampen spirits and we all had a lovely time. This is the second year BGMS has had their harvest party at the farm and we certainly are grateful for their support and so glad they enjoy the farm. 


We made it!!

Posted by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner :: Monday, October 13 :: 8:25am

We have our 250 votes needed for the Chase Mission Main Street Grant. Now we are put into the vat with all the other businesses that got 250 votes. We all get vetted and will hear who won the grants in January. Keep your fingers crossed we are one of the lucky 20 to receive a $150,000 grant!! Thank you to those who voted! We appreciate it so very much!

The 2014 CSA season has come to an end and I am truly sad. This season has just been wonderful in so many ways. We had a fantastic crew, members, weather, crops, classes, volunteers and it was just a gift. We are busy making plans for the 2015 season. We had hoped to get a loan to build a new building for classrooms, new bathroom facilities and a commercial kitchen. Sadly, our appraisal came in too low - due to the fact that what we want to do is "admirable but not bankable and there is not other businesses we can compare you to - basically, you don't fit a known profile". So, we decided to get creative and not let that get us down. We will fund ourselves, yet again. This winter we will put up a small pole building for equipment and storage - just a bare bones shelter. Then, we will have a roof put up over the porch and begin making an outdoor event area. Next, the existing building will be revamped into a small store, office and large classroom. 

All in all I think this is the best way. The thought of taking out a huge loan was scary. This is far more manageable and will be paid for as we go. It will take time but everything that is worthwhile usually does. Now, if we were fortunate enough to get that grant!! WOO! We could work some magic there! The funding for a commercial kitchen, all new chairs and tables, supplies, equipment, the ability to hire more staff - it would be a major blessing. Send some love our way and stay tuned for 2015!

We NEED Your Help!

Posted by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner :: Saturday, October 4 :: 11:46am

Hey Everyone, we are trying to get enough votes to qualify Schooner Farms to be in the running for a $150,000 grant from Chase Mission Main Street Grants. We need 250 votes by the 14th. This grant would allow us to trudge ahead much quicker than if we had to do it on our own. If we were to receive the grant our commercial kitchen, additional classroom space, ability to hire more staff and create farm sources value added product could ALL happen by next summer. Your vote would mean a lot to us and our community! Please share and keep your fingers crossed! THANKS!!! 



Pottery Class

Posted by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner :: Monday, September 1 :: 3:44pm

Have you ever wanted to try working with clay? Well here is your opportunity!!!

Local potter, Mary Dennis, is offering a clay hand building class at the farm this

month!! You can learn basic clay and hand building techniques while creating a

beautiful vase suitable for display in your home or as a gift. The classes will be

held on three consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:30 PM here at Schooner

Farm. In the first class you will create and decorate the vase using clay, stamps, mini

extruders, and other decorative techniques. The second class you will glaze the vase

and add additional decoration. The last class you may add gold luster decoration

(for a small additional fee), if you wish or just come to pick up and admire your

creations and socialize with the other participants.

Class size will be limited to 10 participants so please RSVP early!!! All materials, clay

and supplies will be provided.

Please RSVP to: Mary Dennis, mjdennis1@gmail.com, or 419-378-1653


September 16th 6:00-8:30 PM

September 23rd 6:00-8:30 PM

September 30th 6:00-8:30 PM

Fee: $50.00 + $5.00 for optional gold luster

(Please pay by PayPal if possible to mjdennis1@gmail.com)



2015 CSA Sign Up


2015 CSA

To sign up for Waiting list please sign up for our mailing list below and there you will find options - click on CSA Waiting list and we will get your name in the hat. First priority is current members - once we see how many open spots we have available we will let the folks on the waiting list know.


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