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Posted 6/19/2010 5:32pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Our first harvest was on the light side but was a nice variety of excellent produce. The distribution part of it went wonderfully! We got to meet everyone and talk with them. It really was a wonderful time. I have been a nervous wreck the past few weeks - all the rain, bugs, really super hot weather. After this morning's pick up I'm feeling pretty good.

Everyone seems to "get" that it's a risk and none of us can control the weather. We harvest what is ready when it's ready and that's the beauty of it - eating seasonally and locally. My fears have been somewhat quelled but I still fret over this and that.

Our first harvest had red leaf lettuce, spicy greens, breakfast radishes, swiss chard and some herbs. On Saturday we had just enough baby leaf lettuce to pick for the Saturday shares. I think we'll have plenty ready of that for the Tuesday shares this week.

The gardeners did a wonderful job and we are very grateful to them for their hard work and dedication.I have to get working on the Week 2 newsletter!

Posted 6/13/2010 12:50pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Well, no major rain the past few days! WHEW! We're getting ready for our first harvest & we can't wait! This first week will be light but everything is looking great! We're hoping to inlcude a 1/2 pint of red raspberries too - no promises but maybe! I think we'll have enough to go around. We're keeping our fingers crossed! We let some of the rapsberries go to have some for the CSA shares and they are coming on strong. I have to admit I like the fall berries better but these summer berries are yummy too!


Justin was a brave lad and sat in the tractor scoop as Schooner lifted him in the air for some aerial shots. He did a wonderful job. Now he wants my camera...


Nice view of greens



Ground level view of Leeks


For more photos check out our CSA GARDEN JUNE slideshow - Just go the the Schooner Farms CSA Pull down menu on the homepage and it should be listed there!

Posted 6/10/2010 11:38am by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Even though we had to delay harvest a week - it has been an incredibly productive week on the farm. Justin and Shannon have been weeding away. Matt was busy prepping beds and planting more root crops. I mowed and was so grateful for the chance to do so! It looks SO much better!

The blackberries are blooming and look beautiful! I hope we have enough to give each of our CSA members a 1/2 pint when they ripen! We're prepping for our first harvest & are extremely anxious to meet our shareholders! Our first harvest will be light but it's fresh, organic and they know where and how it was raised! That's the best thing! I hope next Tuesday is a nice day so they can walk on out to the garden and check it out!

We missed the BG Farmer's Market last night, we were all pretty spent by the end of the day. Our friend, Penny, is running it and does a WONDERFUL job! I need to be careful when we go as they have some of the best bakery goods for sale. Last time I bought WAY too many cookies! It's a great selection of vendors and what a wonderful way to spend an evening in BG!

Today, Justin is a weeding little devil and is busy on several rows of carrots and onions. What he has done so far, when I checked on him, looked good. He's anxious to meet the CSA members and takes a lot of pride in the veggies he is helping to care for.

I'll try and have some pictures this week - I keep forgetting my dang camera!


Posted 6/6/2010 9:16am by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Dear CSA Members,

As you know we had hoped to have our first harvest this upcoming week – BUT – after inspecting the garden we have decided to put it off one more week. This means that our first Tuesday Pick Up will be June 15 – from 3-8pm and our first Saturday Pick Up will be June 19th from 8am till noon.

All of the rain and rotten weather has really set us back a bit. Everything for our first several weeks of the garden shares have been planted for several weeks – but aren’t where we were hoping the initial harvestable items would be by now. They are close but not close enough. We have been very fortunate, as only a few miles away crops have been ruined due to standing water. We have lost a few things due to the storms; some peas, part of the potatoes and many things that were looking fabulous got beat back with the hard driving rain but are bouncing back nicely. We’ve replanted several crops to offset several of the items we have lost.

 We planted over 30 flats on Friday of the later crops. It was very busy day indeed! The garden is looking fabulous and we are doing everything we can to bring quality, organic produce to you. You are always welcome to stop out and look around – we’d be more than happy to show you around and explain what we’re doing and how. Naturally, we’ll add on a week at the end of the season.

Don is in the process of calling each of you, as we wanted to explain why we were delaying and answer any questions you may have directly. I am just doubling up the effort in case we had to leave a message or can’t reach you.  We feel bad having to delay but we thought it would be better to wait rather than have you come out and be disappointed with a meager portion of the garden. It just makes sense to wait. Eggs shares will begin when the garden shares start.

If you could, please just reply that you have received this and that way I’ll know you have received it.

If you are sharing your share or would like your secondary person to receive our email updates just let me know! I usually only send out to the primary member unless I hear differently from you. Several of you have asked me to share info with others & I'm more than happy to add them to the list. I don’t like to get a bunch of email I don’t want and I don’t like to bombard others – so please just let me know & I will happily put them in the know!

We appreciate your patience and know you certainly can understand how the weather is beyond any of our control. We’re doing our very best for you. Thanks again! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us! 419-261-0908



The Crew at Schooner Farms

Posted 6/5/2010 9:38am by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

What a day was yesterday! WOW! We had an incredible team of helpers! They planted over 30 flats of veggies! We are so grateful for all of their help and dedication! With all the rain we’ve had we couldn’t get a lot of the plants Abbie had ready for us at the greenhouse in the ground. Which, in hindsight was probably a godsend – seeing that we had 10 inches plus of rain in the area the past week! We were very fortunate as several farms to our east are still underwater! Today there is yet another threat of severe storms and high winds. I now completely understand why some farmers seem grumpy.

I forgot my dang camera, I wanted to get some shots of all the helpers in the field. I'll try and get out there before the rain today and get some photos of the garden to put on the website.

We planted for our first harvests several weeks ago and were hoping to be ready by June 1st, that didn’t happen and now we are faced with having to delay another week. All plants for the first several weeks look wonderful and healthy but are still really small and there is simply not enough to harvest for our members. We certainly don’t want them to drive out only for a meager portion of salad greens and small radishes. We feel it’d be better to wait and have them begin on the 15th /19th as we know what we have will be full and lush by then. Better to be disappointed to not be ready than to arrive and be really disappointed with a tiny harvest. So we’ll be calling and emailing our members today to let them know. I’m certain the members will understand it’s just disappointing to have to put them off another week.

On the bright side – the garden is completely in except for the succession planting that gets done on a weekly basis. It really has come together beautifully and we are very confidant of a bountiful harvest! The irrigation is all in and running smoothly, this next week we’ll be adding an automatic drip that will allow for the compost tea to be added right along with the watering.

Posted 5/26/2010 10:32am by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Hello Everyone,

We’re going to hold off on our first harvest until June 8th for Tuesday Pick Ups and June 12th for Saturday Pick Ups. We had hoped to begin on June 1st but all the rain and cool weather we’ve had this spring has put our start date a week behind. Never fear though - the garden is looking great! All plants are in and doing well – they’re just a little too premature to begin harvesting. Plus, we want your trip to the farm to be worth the effort – we don’t want to just send you home with a bag of baby greens! With all the warm weather we’re getting this week it ought to allow everything to catch up quickly. Of course, it is still a 20 week program – we’ll be going an extra week at the end. Don and I have spoken with a few other area CSA’s and they are having the same problem and may begin a bit later than expected as well.

Egg shares will begin on June 8th / June 12th – just to keep is less confusing for everyone.

If you could – please reply to this email so I know you received it and are aware we will begin June 8th /June 12th. I’ll feel better knowing you know for certain what’s going on and that way I can call folks that I do not hear from. (I have a few members that see our emails as spam and I get a returned noticed from, especially any to BG City Schools.)

Be on the lookout for your weekly CSA newsletter that will begin the week of June 7th. It will let you know what we will be harvesting, what’s going on at the farm and I’ll include some recipes using the weekly bounty! Thanks for your patience and PLEASE - If you have any questions please email or call us at 419-261-0908.

Best Regards,

The Staff at Schooner Farms

Posted 5/19/2010 1:40pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

FINALLY, the rain stopped for a day or two! YEAH!!!! Tomorrow the beds should be perfect for getting a bunch of plants in the ground. Schooner & Matt will be off to the Toledo Botanical Gardens where our friends at Toledo Grows have greenhouse space. They'll be picking up the tomatoes and peppers. We're going to have LOTS of 'maters. We'll have several really neat and new varieties to try.

If you happen to drive by and see the colored plastic in the beds that is because Schooner has been researching colored plastics and their effect on plant production. The tomatoes and peppers will be going in the red plastic where the cucurbits (cucumber family) are in the blue. We'll keep you posted in the how successful it is. The giant tub for the compost tea finally arrived - we're going to begin brewing tomorrow. Schooner raided my cupboards and snitched my blackstrap molasses for his tea. The other day he took all the sugar to make sugar syrup for the bees... I guess one might say he is a "sweet" guy.

The plants that have been in look great & we're still shooting for that June 1st start. It may only be several greens, lettuce, chard and maybe some onions. All this rain has made it very difficult to get out in the beds and plant. We're doing our best to speed up the process with row covers and the compost teas and fertilizers.

We hated to cancel the Walking Tour - it was still too wet to do much of anything and we spent the day planting sweet potatoes. I think it was for the best - the mud was everywhere and there wasn't a whole lot to see because of the weather and not being able to have as much planted as we had hoped. I'll be posting some photos of how everything is looking this week so check back!!

Posted 5/13/2010 5:36pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Rain Rain go away...

UGH! Will it ever stop? We have so much that we need to get in the ground and simply can't. Matt & Ashley were out to plant on Wed. but couldn't due to the rain. Abbie brought a bunch of plants she raised in the greenhouse down - they are beautiful! Can't plant those either. Frustrating!

Shannon did a wonderful job with the bees this week. We're doing a few more splits this week.

The beds have the plastic row cover in them so we hope to be able to plant tomorrow if it dries out enough. I guess we made a wise choice to cancel the Walking Tour - we'd need a boat or hip waders to get from the edge of the ponds over to the garden itself.

We saw a few of our CSA members at the BG Farmer's Market on Wed. evening. It was a nice turnout despite the pouring rain. The vendors all had wonderful products and I bought too many cookies... oops. We were asked by several folks, "Why aren't you guys at the Farmer's Market?" Well, there's only a few of us and right now we don't have any products to sell. We might bring honey & berries over this summer but we more than likely will ask a friend to sell them in her booth if she has space. If you get a chance the BG Farmer's Market is Wed. from 3-8 in downtown BG - right across from Grounds for Thought (best coffee in the world - by the way). Right next to The Flowerbasket - there is an empty space. Parking is in the rear and very accessible.

Keep your fingers crossed for sunny skys!

Posted 5/7/2010 2:04pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Hello All,

After much deliberation Don and I have decided to cancel the May Walking Tour on the 16th. We had planned to take everyone on a hayride out to the gardens – as they are a ways out & with all this rain the path is pretty well a muddy mess. We’ve been watching the weather predictions for next several days and it looks like we have even more rain coming. We’ve all had to walk along Rt 6 to get out to the beds due to the mud. That said we felt it’d be better to cancel rather than have a bunch of muddy CSA members!

However, you are ALWAYS welcome to stop out & see what is going on. Please do! The shop is open Mon- Fri from 8am till 3 pm or by appointment. We’re usually there until 6 or 7pm on a daily basis and on the weekends but are out in the field – if you’d like a tour in the evening or on a weekend just give us a ring and we’ll be sure to be on the lookout for you.

If you’ve been following the blog or checking in on our Facebook page you’ve been reading about our progress and rain dilemmas. If you haven’t I’ll get you up to date! We’ve had a lot of rain – which has kept us out of the garden. In the meanwhile, we’ve been busy bending hoops, making sandbags, taking care of seedlings and all that maintenance stuff that goes along with farming. Our field was under about 3 ½ inches of water after one of the early rain events. Larry and Matt hand dug a trench to empty the field of water. We’ve never had water in that field ever before! We may have lost a few potato plants as that section of the garden was wet for several days. It’s a bit early to tell for sure. Root crops are planted; carrots, beets, potatoes, along with the succession plantings of those crops to keep produce growing into the season. Peas are doing wonderfully! Abby has started all of the other plants up at The Toledo Botanical Garden in the Toledo Grows Greenhouses. They look fabulous & we’ll be getting many of them in the ground as soon as the field dries out a bit.

Most of the crops will be hooped and covered to keep insects and disease at bay. We will also be using colored plastics to maximize production: Blue for the cucurbit plantings (cucumbers, cabbage, and broccoli) and red for tomatoes and peppers, black for the rest. Matt just planted lettuces and greens this week. Sweet Corn goes in this week as well along with a few other direct seed plantings.

One of the topics we really wanted to share with you at the Walking Tour was going to be Compost Teas – this is how we will be fertilizing the garden. Don has been making compost teas for many years but is really getting into the details on how the compost teas affect different plants and how to manipulate the tea for various plantings. It really is very interesting! I’m trying to encourage him to write up a few paragraphs that we can share with you to give you an idea of the complexity of compost teas and how they are extremely beneficial not only to the plants but to the soil – fascinating stuff, really! I’ll put it in one of the weekly newsletters once we get started into season.

Shannon has been doing a wonderful job as a beekeeper in training. Plus, with college out for the summer she has been coming in and helping with weeding, planting and more. Matt & Abby continue to amaze us with their passion and hard work. It’s a lot of work, but enjoyable work.

All in all everything is going well despite the rain. The weather has held us back a bit but the hoops will help accelerate growth on many of the plants. We are still shooting for a Tuesday, June 1st OR Saturday, June 5th (whichever day is you pickup day) beginning to the season. Given the weather conditions we may have to back it up a week for a few items to mature more but we’re uncertain of that at this point. We’ll be emailing you to let you know when we will start for certain but we are doing everything we can to be ready by our goal date. Once we get a high tunnel (a kind of greenhouse) weather won’t be such an issue but that is a season or two away. The trugs will have a nice selection of early produce. We’re planning on: scallions, ovation greens, red leaf lettuce, beets, carrots, swiss chard, radishes, peas and new baby red potatoes. A few of the items may not be ready but that’s what we are hoping to have by June 1st. I will include a map to Schooner Farms in our first newsletter – I know many of you have not been out to our farm. Our main business is Inspired By Nature, several of you may recognize that business and are familiar with where we are. Nonetheless, I’ll have a map included in the newsletter and there is also a link on the website that has a google map.

We’re very excited and extremely grateful for this opportunity. It has been an amazing and enjoyable process. We’re glad you are all involved and look forward to bringing you lots of fresh organic produce, raspberries (maybe a few blackberries & some homemade jam) and raw honey in the months to come! Thanks for becoming part of the CSA!



The Schooner Farms Crew

Don, Becky & Justin Schooner                                                                                                 Matt Spangler, Abbie Sackmann, Shannon Pace, Art Roehrig & Larry Peterson
Posted 5/6/2010 2:54pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

It's been a busy couple of days between rain drops and down pours. Matt has been doing a great job getting the beds ready for lettuces, greens and other plantings. Shannon has been not only tending the beehives but helping the garden and raspberry beds. Abby is taking wondeful care of the seedlings and will be out this week to help in the garden as well.


"The Machine"

 It shapes the beds, hills them up, lays plastic and drip tape -then secures the plastic on the row edge. 

Our new plastic row, drip tape and hiller piece of equipment is here. (see photo above) It has a name but I have no clue what it is. I'll have to ask Schooner. It's here and will make short work of the getting the rows ready - once the soil dries out. We've got another stormy forecast for tonight or tomorrow - ugh.

Here's a great shot of the asparagus we JUST planted! This is for 2011. This was just planted last week & look at it already!



Mat has been working hard out in the beds getting them ready for plants to go in. We are covering most of the beds to help with accelerating growth and keeping insects and disease at bay. The peas are doing very well!

                    Matt in beds        pease



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