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Posted 4/26/2010 8:23am by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Chris Gajewicz, from BG City Parks, put together an excellent program on Saturday at the Simpson Garden Park in BG! Nice job! We're grateful to Chris for bringing together local farmers and introducing them to the public! We had about 40 or so people come and hear all of talk about the local food movement. Plus, we got to meet a few VERY nice Schooner Farms CSA members!

 Lots of interested people with excellent questions and concerns! It was a wonderful venue for local small farmers to meet the public and make folks aware of some of the small farmers in their neck of the woods! Thanks Chris!

           Locavore Talk  Locavore

Here's a few pics from the Locavore Event at SImpson Garden Park in BG

  Much rain today....way too much! We had three inches from yesterday plus more today. 1/2 of potatoes under water at least for now..... Will make it difficult to plant anything this upcoming week. Not so good!

Posted 4/21/2010 11:56am by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

ocavore and Community Supported Agriculture Panel Discussion
Locavorism, (eating foods produced locally), and Community Supported Agriculture is taking off in our area. Please join the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department and Downtown Bowling Green as we co-sponsor this panel discussion on what it means to eat locally, meet representatives from local farms who provide produce and shares, and find out what outlets are available to local consumers. Join us on Saturday, April 24 at the Simpson Garden Park main meeting room. The panel discussion will be conducted from 1 to 2 pm followed by a drop-in open house until 4 pm. Invited guest speakers include representatives from The Downtown Bowling Green Farmer’s Market, Schooner Farms in Weston, Cherry Creek Far, Shoppe in Pemberville, Omega Meats in Grand Rapids, and Crazy Horse garlic Farm in Holland. This is a free walk –in seminar, however donations to the Simpson Garden Park are appreciated. For more information, please call 419.353.0301.

Posted 4/17/2010 4:03pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Over the last several days, much has been happening here at Schooner Farms.

On Thursday afternoon, Don and Justin planted over 400 asparagus roots.  There are still another 300 roots to plant.  When it is all done, we will have over 700' of row planted.  It will be next year before we can harvest any of it.

Don and Becky picked up the irrigation equipment on Friday morning.  This equipment will provide much needed water to the vegetable beds in the coming weeks and months.

Don and Abbie planted over 4000 green onion seeds on 40' of raised bed on Friday afternoon.  They also went over records on what Abbie had planted at the greenhouse to determine if we have enough transplants that will be ready to go when it is time to plant. 

Justin and Matt planted 500 Joan J fall red raspberry plants on 1000' of row this morning and then filled and tied over 300 sandbags this afternoon.  We will use the sandbags to hold down the floating row cover on the berries and the vegetables.  It is supposed to freeze tonight so we will cover over 2500' of raspberries and blackberries once the wind recedes before dark...

This upcoming week will continue to be very busy.  We plan to plant several varieties of potatoes, another variety of peas, and more berry bushes.  We will also begin to hook up the irrigation lines to the vegetable beds.  Stay tuned.


Posted 4/14/2010 3:59pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Sorry folks we are FULL up for 2010! Although, if you'd like to put your name in for our 2011 CSA please just join our mailing list and we'll send out information when the time comes!

Thank You to our 2010 CSA Members - here's to a great season!

Posted 4/14/2010 10:52am by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Raspberries and asparagus are arriving at any time now - maybe right now. Schooner is off to see Wynn Brinker to get some Earthworm Castings - that's poo, for those that did not know. I mentioned earthworm castings to someone the other day and they looked at me like I was a koo koo for coconuts. I just might be... depends on if you ask Schooner.

We are planting asparagus now for next year. Can't wait! Yummo! Matt made a contraption to fill sandbags quickly - thanks to Schooner's youtube how to viewing. The sandbags will hold the row cover down and help weigh down the plastic on the hoops. Matt does a great job, very nice young man and so passionate about gardening and good food for people.

Posted 4/12/2010 8:06am by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

We are hopeful to get our first planting of carrots and beets in today. The soil is finally beginning to dry out enough for an attempt by the afternoon. We will try out the new 6 row seeder. Conduit to bend into hoops, row cover to put on, sandbags to fill, seeds to plant, compost to turn, beds to plan, and then noon it may be time for a 15 minute break! Not a lack of things to do.....that is for sure!

Some of our new raspberry plants will be in this week along with asparagus. It's going ot be a super busy week!

Posted 4/6/2010 11:54am by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Schooner and Matt are hard at work out in the garden. They prepped the field yesterday and got a few beds ready for the potatoes, carrots, radishes, and onions. The warm weather and sunny days have helped dry the ground out so we were finally able to work it. Schooner and I cut about 30lbs of red potatoes last night for planting today. Matt got them all planted in NO time! WOW! Matt also got the peas all planted and Schooner was hoping to get the carrots & beets in this afternoon.

Matt prepping garden

Matt out prepping the garden



Posted 3/30/2010 12:03pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Whoa, is it gorgeous out today or WHAT? After the fog finally lifted it is turning out to be lovely! A little chilly as of noon time but the Forecasters promise warm temps are coming. Did any of you have a chance to see the full moon last night? Gorgeous! I saw an article in the Farmer's Almanac Online Newsletter about the "Worm Moon" it had this to say, " At the time of this spring Moon, the ground begins to soften and earthworm casts reappear, inviting the return of robins. This is also known as the Sap Moon, as it marks the time when maple sap begins to flow and the annual tapping of maple trees begins." I thought you might enjoy that little tidbit of lunar gardening lore and the fact that we use earthworm castings for fertilizer is also a plus.

This morning I sent out a bunch of handbooks and welcome letters to our lastest batch of CSA Customers. We only have three full shares left! Right now we are growing for roughly 40 families! How cool is that? Thank you all for joining and we're itching to get in the dirt! This morning, Schooner & I took some more seeds up to Abby with Toledo Grows which is located at the Toledo Botanical Gardens. Abby showed Schooner all the little seedlings that she started a week or so ago. They look great & very healthy! Abby and the volunteers at Toledo Grows are doing a wonderful job and we are very appreciative of their efforts!

Shannon is coming over to work on the hives today. She and Schooner will go out and set the rest of the beehives up and get them ready for the bee packages that should be arriving this week or next. Hopefully, it will dry out enough for Schooner and Matt to prep the garden beds and lay out the irrigation lines soon.

Posted 3/24/2010 1:59pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.

Whoopee! Who would have thought we'd be close to selling all our shares so quickly? WOW!

A HUGE Thanks to all the CSA members! We truly appreciate you joining us on this new adventure! It has fell into place so well it's almost frightening! You know when something is right when it all comes together and feels great!

If you're still thinking about joining you better do it quickly! Only 7 left as of right now!!



Posted 3/23/2010 6:30pm by Don Schooner or Becky White - Schooner.


Schooner & Shannon spent last Friday afternoon checking in on the bees. Unfortunately, we had a bit of mouse damage, nothing too terrible but enough. This was Shannon’s first experience working with the bees. She did a stellar job.


The two discovered that one of the boxes was still full of honey. Shannon was a little shocked – not realizing that it was going to weigh over 40lbs. This colony of bees is a strong bunch. They were originally a swarm we caught by chance a few years ago. These little gals have managed to keep their colony alive for two winters! Which, around here is a unusual occurrence with all the trouble honeybees are having. In a few weeks we will make a split. This is where you spilt the colony and force them to make a new queen. Then you take the spilt and place the bees in a different hive in a different bee yard.



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