A love of history, health and herbs

Becky White-Schooner is well known for her Apron presentation. Aprons are one of these items that evoke a sense of home and comfort. This presentation revolves around the history of aprons, the important role they have played and Becky shares some lovely stories from her family history involving some treasured aprons. Also, we look at a wide variety of aprons from different time periods and discuss textile and fashion history. 


Becky also speaks on - 

Herbs used on the Civil War Battlefront - a very insightful look at how plant medicine was used when medical supplies were scarce and many doctors had little training. Plant medicine was the life savior for many soldiers both North and South. This is a very interesting presentation that will intrigue history buffs and plant lovers! 


Jane Austen 

This presentation is about Jane herself, who she was, what she was like, learn about the woman that brought some of the most beloved characters in literature alive. We'll discuss her upbringing, her letters and some events in her life that may have influenced her writings. 


Vintage Cookbooks - Cookbooks of old were more about how to be a "Good" wife than just a collection of recipes. Manners, how to keep a home, how to catch a husband and keep him happy. See, not just a cup of flour and a pinch of salt! You will be surprised and maybe even shocked at the information in vintage cookbooks. We will explore cookbooks from the 1800's to now and see how these books helped to shape homes across America.

Tea Leaf Reading - Join us for an entertaining afternoon reading our fortunes in a cuppa. Reading tea leaves was once quite commonplace for ladies enjoying tea together. Learn the many secrets of reading tea leaves in your own cup!

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert - A true romantic telling of how they met and what their lives were like. Not gossipy or sensational but heartfelt. A truly beautiful yet, sad story. 

Schooner Farms - What we do and how we do it. We get up every day and are able to do what we love and love what we do. This is a virtual tour if you will of the farm. Lots of fun interesting stuff! 

Victorian Mourning Rituals - In our eyes the customs seem foreign yet, one hundred and fifty years or so ago they were the norm. Hair wreaths, black crepe, jet jewelry, years of mourning and wearing black. Discover why the Victorians mourned in this fashion and learn some of the fascinating customs they observed.  

Culinary Herbs and ways to bring plant Medicine into your diet. I love herbs and have for a long time. In this class you will learn how to incorporate some common herbs into your cooking. Why these herbs have loads of not only nutritional benefits but can help support your health. Really, we need to add more of these amazing plants into our diets. This is an informative presentation that will encourage you to put more green in your diet. 

Fermenting - It's all about the fizz. Learn how to make kefir, yogurt, krauts, kombucha and water kefir. It is not as hard as you may think. It is all about safety, quality ingredients and procedure. Samples will be provided.

Dehydrating - Food preservation is not as convoluted as it is made out to be. Dehydrating is a simple and very nutritious way to extend your harvest. We'll learn about how to dry fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and grains. Handouts and recipes will be provided. 

Soap Making 101 - Goat's milk soap is so easy to make and fun too! Becky will demonstrate how to make a no fail soap batch. This is a cold process soap and this recipe has no heating required. Just a few simple tools and you can create your own soaps to use or give as gifts. We'll talk about ingredients, scents, essential oils and coloring. 










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