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Sauteed Bok Choi with Cashew Sauce

½ cup roasted cashews

¼ cup white vinegar

3 TBS honey

¼ cup tamari sauce

1 TBS fresh ginger, minced

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 small hot green pepper, minced

2 TBS fresh basil, chopped

2 TBS fresh mint, chopped

1 large bok choi, washed and drained

1/3 cup oil, peanut or safflower

Combine cashews, vinegar, honey, tamari sauce, ginger, hot pepper, garlic, basil, mint, and ¼ cup water in food processor or blender.  Puree.  Separate bok choi leaves from stalks, and cut stalks into 1 inch pieces.  In wok or large pan, heat oil over high heat.  Do not allow to smoke.  Add bok choi and cook, stirring briskly, 2 minutes until bright green.  Remove from heat.  Pour sauce over bok choi and serve.

From the Food Book for a Sustainable Harvest


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