Staff Members
Don Schooner (Owner)

Don has always had an intense passion for nature. He loves understanding how nature works. He applies his holistic philosophy not only into gardening but into our other business, Inspired By Nature, a natural pond and lake management company. Don firmly believes that everything is the same - life cycles and recycles when in balance with nature.

Becky White - Schooner (Owner)

Becky is Don's better (worse) half. Becky organizes the CSA, does all the advertsing for Schooner Farms and Inspired By Nature, blogs and tends to the website. Becky is an herbalist, foodie, and all around girl Friday. Becky teaches a good deal of our classes and often travels near and far giving presentations and workshops. 

Alan Halterman (Aquaponics/Fisheries)

Alan is a rare find - he loves everything we do and is incredibly talented and has mad skills. Alan has been having some fun trying his hand at aquaponics this season. Alan has an extensive background in gardening, marketing, local foods, aquatics and has some top notch credentials. Alan brings his expertise and let's give it a try attitude to the table - we couldn't be more grateful. 



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