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Volunteering & Work Shares at Schooner Farms

We work hard and get dirty, but we have a friendly crew and always have a good time. Our Volunteers come from all walks of life, which truly is a benefit for those who wish to gain some experience and meet a wide variety of people. We firmly believe that together we can achieve great things being involved in something that is larger than ourselves. Whether you have vast gardening experience or would like to learn how to garden organically – Schooner Farms is the place to be part of that type of a community. Schooner Farms offers two types of volunteer opportunities; Work Share CSA Membership and Garden Volunteers.

There is always LOTS to do! Whether you can contribute garden time or perhaps you have expertise in another area, such as writing articles for our newsletter. We encourage our volunteers to help in as many areas of what we do as they would like. We have several Work Share Members that help with packing and distribution, others feel more comfortable in the gardening getting their hands dirty, some pick raspberries or help with the honeybees. All of our volunteers are valued and extremely appreciated for all they offer. One of our goals when beginning the CSA portion of our farm was to be able to offer interested people a chance to learn and share with other like minded people. Eventually, we’d like to offer classes at the farm where as now we have to go off site for talks.  

Work Share Volunteers

Work Share CSA Members volunteer on the farm in various capacities in exchange for a standard size share of veggies on a weekly basis. Schooner Farms accepts a limited number of work shares each season and requires at LEAST an 18 week commitment from our Work Share Members. Work Shares are committed CSA members that volunteer hours in lieu of payment for their CSA membership.

If you're interested in work sharing, please contact us in advance and let us know when you'd like to help. Because of high demand, it's essential to sign up for a work share as soon as possible. You must receive confirmation prior to being accepted into Schooner Farms Work Share CSA Membership.

Garden Volunteers

Garden Volunteers do many of the same duties as our Work Share Members do, only we require less time commitment from them. On days we have extra harvest available we reward our volunteers with fresh produce and other items grown on the farm. We have been fortunate to have a wonderful group of volunteers that have helped with distribution, gardening, weeding and other tasks. Many student volunteers use hours worked on the farm to help go towards volunteer requirement hours needed for their course of study. Most of them have gone home loaded with produce each time they come out the farm.

 What Do Our Volunteers Need to Do?

Bringing water is a must. We recommend you wear long sleeves and pants for protection as well as sturdy shoes. Also consider bringing sunscreen, a large-brimmed hat, work gloves and snacks. Volunteer work typically consists of a variety of tasks including harvesting, washing and packing vegetables, and field work as needed.

Given the challenging nature of farm work, we ask that you do not bring children under the age of 12. Anyone between the ages of 12 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please fill out our online Volunteer/Intern Form here

Internships at Schooner Farms

The internship program at Schooner Farms is designed to provide practical, hands-on experience to individuals seeking to learn more about farming and self sustainable living. Our internship is very demanding — interns work long hours for low pay — but the rewards are invaluable. Schooner Farms is one of several organic operating CSA programs in Northwest Ohio, and our interns are exposed to all aspects of our business including fieldwork, tractor/equipment use and maintenance, greenhouse operations, packing shed operations, customer service operations, and sales and marketing. Interns will be assigned revolving areas of responsibility in an effort to build a broad foundation of knowledge. Consequently, our interns gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become self sustaining and understand the effort required to produce a quality product.

Time Commitment

We work with each student to find the best schedule.


Our workweek is challenging— but rewarding. We require a minimum of 15 hours per week from interns.  Our hours of operation vary depending on weather and season, but on average we begin our season in March and end around the middle of October.  Our CSA program is a 18 week distribution period that begins roughly the first of June and ends in Oct.


A standard organic vegetable share on a weekly basis ($27/weekly value), a doz. organic free range non GMO fed eggs ($4.25/weekly value), honey, and other natural products we raise on the farm.  

Our Farm and Location

Our all natural biodynamic vegetable farm is located on 20 acres of black sandy loam in Weston, Ohio.  We are just 8 miles west of Bowling Green, Ohio.  We have successfully grown in just a year from a 62-member CSA to one that currently has over 80 members.   We grow over 40 different types of vegetables, flowers, and herbs and nearly 150 different varieties.  To see a list of what we grow, please visit our website at www.schoonerberries.com.

Work Experience Desired

We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, motivated people who are dependable, eager to learn, and willing to become part of our farm team. Our program is not designed for those who just want to give farming or gardening a try, but rather those who are seriously considering farming as a career. Consequently, we are looking for people willing to work hard so they can enjoy the rewards of being a farmer.

How to Apply

Anyone possessing a serious interest in agriculture and the physical ability to work the long hours of a farming schedule will be considered. To apply, please fill out our internship application and e-mail a current résumé to Becky, our internship coordinator. All interested applicants are encouraged to set up a time to visit and work on the farm. Hiring decisions will be made on a first come, first serve basis. 



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