What Organic Means to Us

About our Farming Methods

Schooner Farms is located on some of the richest soil in Northwest Ohio. Our farm is primarily black sandy loam that has not been farmed in ten years. We have three large 1/2 acre ponds on the property that provide us with safe fresh water. We are asked time and time again - Are You Certified Organic? We believe in organic farming but we are not Certified.

Our approach to farming seeks to maintain and improve the productivity of the land by encouraging and enhancing natural biological processes.

The foundation for healthy plants and animals is healthy soil. At Schooner Farms we strive to grow strong, healthy crops by stimulating soil biology, growing cover crops to build soil structure and using innovative methods of pest control. Quite simply, we practice sustainable, non-conventional agriculture.

Schooner Farms builds healthy soils by nourishing the living component of the soil, the microbial inhabitants that release, transform, and transfer nutrients. Soil organic matter contributes to good soil structure and water-holding capacity. We feed soil biota and build soil organic matter with cover crops, compost, and biologically based soil amendments. These produce healthy plants that are better able to resist disease and insect predation.

We practice organic methods and would rather concentrate our efforts on bringing you a quality product than filling out a bunch of paperwork. Our philosophy is to work with mother nature not against her. This philosophy has been the foundation of our natural pond and lake management company since it's beginning in 1996 and it remains at the heart of everything we do.

The produce you buy in the grocery is eye candy; it looks fresh, ripe and attractive. Take a bite out of a tomato in the dead of winter and it's like chewing foam. We all know fresh veggies from the garden taste incredible and are so much better for you and the environment!



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